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Sarah Francis is a fashion addict with a serious shoe fetish and a penchant for shiny things.  She's the Director of Real Life Runway and Official Stylist of Vaughan Mills. Her work has appeared in some of the country's top magazines, newspapers and TV shows.  Oh, and she loooves to shop. Obviously.


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Dad's Day

As kids, we worship the ground our dads walk on;  We're enthralled by their stories, rendered helpless by their tickles, and amazed by their mad skills.  After all, only dads can make money magically come out of our ears and oh-so-bravely 'cut off' their own thumbs.  They sit through 4-hour dance recitals, help toss glitter at our fairy parades and tell us we're the best, even when we're not.  Then we get older;  Suddenly our dads turn from chic to geek, and 'Daddy' is replaced by an exasperated 'Daa-aad!'  We ask for money for just about everything and then jump out of the car a few blocks early, because we are SO independent.  After highschool, it's all about quick pecks on the cheek and occasional phone calls crammed in between lectures and parties.  And through it all, our dads love us unconditionally, knowing that eventually, hopefully, we'll need and appreciate them again.  Funny thing is - even if we don't, they'll love us anyway.  

This Father's Day, forego the typical cologne and socks and give your proud papa something he's sure to love.  Whether's he's your action hero, a laid-back classic or gets giddy for gadgetry, these gifts will make him know just how much you appreciated all the little things. 

Happy Father's Day to all the great dads out there! xo 





Just Dance

Napoleon Dynamite at his prom.  Awkward much?

Prom.  That little four-letter-word conjures up so many memories:  my own dream dress that I lusted after for months; my less-than-stellar prom date who turned out to be my friend's lifelong secret crush (she was crushed that he asked me); and of course, my besties and I ditching our dates to dance with each other most of the night to a beyond bad deejay.  

Whether your date is The One or just someone, a girl's prom night is next in line to her wedding and like every other major moment in life, is loaded with expectations.  By now, you've probably picked your dress but how much thought have you given to your accessories?  A cool statement necklace, a sweet clutch or a killer pair of shoes (that don't kill your feet) are, like a great after-party, the icing on the cake, and can turn a pretty dress into something jaw-dropping.  

We hope you have the best night ever and if all else fails, take a cue from Gaga and just dance, gonna be okay, da da doo-doo-mmm just dance....(I had to include the Shawn Desman video - love him or hate him..such a fun prom video)

Here, some ways to glam up your dress for a perfectly pretty prom:





Paco Rabane, Chado Ralph Rucci Spring 2012, Jennifer Lawrence promotes The Hunger Games - images style.com/Getty

As a true girly-girl, I've always been a sucker for shine.  When I see a pair of gold skinnies or a stunning silver statement necklace, I lapse into a mini fashion coma and the world disappears for a minute.  When I come to, my credit card's in the hands of the store clerk and I've bought myself something fantastic.  I don't know how it happens..it's not my fault really -  I blame it all on the sparkle.

From gold gowns to modern silver pencil skirts, designers showed loads of heavy metals on the spring runways.  And though we're used to busting out our metallics only after the sun sets, it's now totally acceptable to wear them all day long.   Whether you're bold enough to wear a full metal jacket or just want to go for the gold with your accessories, shiny silver and gold pieces add the perfect dose of rockstar chic to any outfit.  For work, try adding a cool gold shirt collar or statement necklace to your basic white button-down.  For weekends, throw a shimmery metallic tote or sandals to the mix to instantly glam up even the most casual look.  And since metallics are considered a neutral, they will work with literally everything you own.  Brilliant! 

Click on the thumbnails below to drool over these shiny silver & gold finds.  Resistance, as they say, is totally futile: