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If I Had $10,000


I often dream of what it would be like to go on a guilt-free shopping spree.  As a mom, I so often go out with the intention of buying myself something new but a few hours later, I leave the mall with loads of cute stuff for my kids but not a single thing for me.  In my dream, it's all about indulgence.  The doors lock down, my bag boy waits behind me (ideally doing push-ups and other warm-up exercises to prep for the inevitable pile of bags and boxes he'll soon have to carry). Cue the music: something happy like Carly Rae Jepsen, I'm thinking? And then, I give a little wink to my helper-in-waiting and we're off.

First stop: 1) The perfect destroyed Original Boot Jean ($51) from American Eagle. I will wear these all year round. Small buy but I'm just warming up.  I spy a great pair of 2) Timberland Earthkeepers ($153) that I know I'll be thankful for next winter. So cute.  I snap up a 3) Neon Beaded Necklace ($13) just because I can.

Okay, warm-up complete.  As I stroll into Future Shop, I pull out the big guns.  Gift card down. Whammo. Yes, I'll take that 64GB 3rd Generation iPad ($829.99) thank you very much. Wheee...this is getting fun. Okay, maybe I should slow down.  I stop in at ALDO and grab a cool 5) Nivison Bangle ($18) and a pair of 6) J.W. Anderson Shoes from ALDO RISE ($77.50) that I've been lusting after all season.  And they're on sale. Yay! All those shoes have made me realize that I'm seriously lacking in the nailpolish department so I grab 7) Essie's Summer Collection of colours (approx $12 each) from Wal-Mart. I squeal with joy. Bag boy rolls his eyes.

Oooh, Prada. You will be mine. Oh yes, you will be mine.  I don't even hesitate at Sunglass Hut as they give me once-over à la Pretty Woman.  I'll take the 8) Prada Cat-Eye Sunglasses ($285). Ahhh, now this is what all the fuss is about. They caress my face like only an Italian can. Mi amor!  I want to be around a long time to enjoy these so I grab a pair of 9) New Balance Minimus Running Shoes ($120) at SportChek and follow it up with some of my favourite anti-oxidant crazy 10) Matcha Japanese Green Tea ($19.95) at Teaopia for my healthy latte fix.   Still, as I mentioned I'm a mom. I NEED my coffee and I've always wanted my own personal barista. Back to Future Shop. This 11) Breville Barista Express ($699.99) is a massive splurge but when I will ever be able to justify this again? My early mornings are suddenly looking up...like wayyy up.  Bag Boy buckles under the weight.  We grab a trolley from the mall because we're only halfway done. Wow, how am I going to spend all this money?

Oh! I know! The next buys come fast and furious.  I snap up a 12) Nixon the 51-30 Chrono Watch ($600) at Boathouse and a 13) Vera Wang LOVE Collection Diamond Ring ($1,999) from Peoples Jewelers before anyone can stop me.  I don't even look at bag boy because I can just sense the 'are you sure?' glance. Yes, I'm sure.

I head to Coles and grab 14) The Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy ($30) because everyone's been telling me that it's a great summer read.  Speaking of 'up all night', I pick up 15) One Direction's new album, ($12.99) at HMV, for daily dance parties with our kids.  Speaking of kids, I break my no-kid-purchases rule (sorry!) after spying an adorable 16) Pink Striped Dress at The Children's Place. My daughter will love it!

We roll past Roots and I make a beeline for the shoes.  I pick up a pair of 17) Roll Over Boots in Tribe Leather ($248), a 18) gorgeous French Tote ($188), and a 19) Large Colorado Bag ($418) for my husband to use for weekends away.  

He lost his engagement ring last year (I know!), so I decide it's finally time to get him a new one from Peoples. This 20)Peoples White Gold Wedding Band ($549) is sleek, sophisticated and timeless. He will love. But if I'm honest, I know what he'll love more.  21) An XBOX 360 4GB Console ($199) at The Source and 22) a Milwaukee Lithium Ion Cordless Drill/Driver ($219.99) at Sears.  I have no idea what it does but it looks cool?Bag boy nods his head in solemn approval. 

Quick stop at Le Château for some trendy gratification. I love the 23) Tribal Beaded Bracelet ($5.95), the 24) Tribal Print Tunic ($110) and the 25) Cobalt Mao Collar Blouse ($59.99).  All 3: awesome.

My budget (and my shopping stamina) nearly depleted, I crawl towards Danier.  Must. Have. Bomber. I weakly toss my worn-out gift card at the sales associate and she rings up this 26) Leather Bomber (lined in artwork by Raphael Mazzucco - so pretty) ($199). I have enough money left but can I walk any further?  I throw off my shoes.  Bag boy hoists me onto trolley and we roll back to Future Shop for the last time.  After years of dreaming, I finally buy a 27) Canon Rebel t4i ($999.99). As a fashion blogger, this will change my life.  As a mom, this will make all my family pics so much more beautiful. Eek!  28) I'm done. Before I head out in public, I grab a 28) Cargo Beach Blush ($30) and the fountain of youth that is 29) Lancôme Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector ($100) to make up for the pale shock that I've just blown almost $10,000 in one day.  I do a mental happy dance (because I can't actually feel my legs) as bag boy loads me into a stretch Hummer with all of my buys.  I see him do an actual happy dance as he strolls across the parking lot into the sunset...

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PS - Don't miss the sidewalk sale happening at New Sudbury Centre all week long (ends Sunday at close)


True North, Strong & Fab

Canada: An Infographic by Kirstin Hallett 

Beaver Canoe Kanga Hoodie, $78, Roots 


Canada Pennant, $8, Roots

Red Suede Bootie, $100, ALDO

We're pretty lucky to live where we do. Sure, we've got unpredictable weather, from our breathtaking cold-snaps in the winter to our sweltering heat waves in the summer. We've got pesky black flies and longer-than-average wait-times and sometimes, our politicians can't quite make up their minds.  Yet this gorgeous country allows us to raise our kids in safety, with its good schools and relatively good healthcare system.  Add to the mix our Timbits (yum), poutine (double yum), hockey games, maple syrup, CBC and of course, Justin Bieber, and there's really nowhere in the world I'd rather be.  This weekend, we'll bust out the red and white, crack open a few cold ones and shoot fireworks into the sky. We'll eat strawberry cakes, splash around in our lovely lakes and generally just get out (and aboot) to soak up our beautiful outdoors.  Though Canadiana kitsch is a lot less rampant (and a lot less loud) than that of our neighbours to the south, it doesn't mean we can't show our pride this Canada Day.  These fun and stylish finds will help you do just that, whether you buy them for yourself or give them as a gift to your Canada Day hosts.  Great idea, eh?

And to our neighbours in Elliot Lake, our thoughts are with you x 


Dad's Day

As kids, we worship the ground our dads walk on;  We're enthralled by their stories, rendered helpless by their tickles, and amazed by their mad skills.  After all, only dads can make money magically come out of our ears and oh-so-bravely 'cut off' their own thumbs.  They sit through 4-hour dance recitals, help toss glitter at our fairy parades and tell us we're the best, even when we're not.  Then we get older;  Suddenly our dads turn from chic to geek, and 'Daddy' is replaced by an exasperated 'Daa-aad!'  We ask for money for just about everything and then jump out of the car a few blocks early, because we are SO independent.  After highschool, it's all about quick pecks on the cheek and occasional phone calls crammed in between lectures and parties.  And through it all, our dads love us unconditionally, knowing that eventually, hopefully, we'll need and appreciate them again.  Funny thing is - even if we don't, they'll love us anyway.  

This Father's Day, forego the typical cologne and socks and give your proud papa something he's sure to love.  Whether's he's your action hero, a laid-back classic or gets giddy for gadgetry, these gifts will make him know just how much you appreciated all the little things. 

Happy Father's Day to all the great dads out there! xo