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Sarah Francis is a fashion addict with a serious shoe fetish and a penchant for shiny things.  She's the Director of Real Life Runway and Official Stylist of Vaughan Mills. Her work has appeared in some of the country's top magazines, newspapers and TV shows.  Oh, and she loooves to shop. Obviously.


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ICE ICE BABY | 3 Winning World Cup of Hockey Outfits

We got this bruh.

Alright stop, collaborate and listen: it's time to talk hockey. With Team Canada in the finals, much of our country has made plans to have absolutely no plans, unless they involve hockey. And while I feel it's my duty as a fashion blogger to talk about fashion, I wouldn't be a true Canadian if I didn't work this post around our national sport - the sport that we grew up watching on TV with our dads, the one we perfected on bumpy backyard rinks long after the street lights had flickered on, the game that so often makes fully grown Canadian men break down and cry. Sure, our collective hope in Canadian hockey might have dimmed over these last few years but the spark is still there. Our hope still burns deep that Canada will rise to the top once again. Our love for the sport is pure and true. Our dreams of victory will never die. 

So while Crosby and co. get ready for a major game ahead, you can do your part, too. Be red, white and proud. Shake out those jerseys, jump into those Roots joggers, slap a maple leaf on your cheek and cheer like you've never cheered before. This is our game. This is our time. Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose. Oh wait, that's football isn't it...

We'll leave the pep talk to Babcock while I focus on what you're going to wear. Whether you're on the edge of your couch, with your squad at a sports bar or were lucky enough to score tickets to the main event, these winning outfits will get you through World Cup of Hockey finals and beyond. We've so got this. 

Does it get more Canadian? The new World Cup of Hockey cups at Tim Hortons. 

1. Double Pocket Chambray Shirt, $56, American Eagle | 2. Mineral & Ginger Clay Mask, $20, The Body Shop | 3. World Cup of Hockey Women's Tee, $29.99, Sport Chek | 4. Richview Baseball Cap, $19.99, Roots | 5. Victory Pant, $78, Roots | 6. Tim Hortons World Cup of Hockey Cup | 7. Black Beaded Moccasins, $74.99, Soft Moc | 8. Women's Pop Cabin Socks, Set of 2 for $18.50, Roots

via carterslanding on Instagram

1. Long Sleeve Plaid Tunic, $49.90, Reitmans | 2. Open Cardi with Faux Leather Pockets, $69.90, Reitmans | 3. Studded Star Crossbody, $45, ALDO | 4. Willow & Thread Faux Leather Leggings, $69.90, Reitmans | 5. National Anthem T-Shirt, $34, Roots | 6. Converse Chuck Taylor Sneakers, $59.99, Soft Moc.

via Kristian Bogner Photography

1. World Cup of Hockey Team Canada Crosby Jersey, $199.99, Sport Chek | 2. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Right Said Red, Shoppers Drug Mart | 3. Canada Hockey Pom Beanie, $35, LIDS | 4. Soft & Sexy Swing Tank, $26, American Eagle | 5. Real Soft Harem Pant, $53, American Eagle | 6. Puma Fierce Sneakers, $99.99, Champs Sports.



FALL FASHION | 12 Ways to Be YOU in Fall's Top Trends


via American Eagle

I have a major love-hate with trends. I mean, I love knowing what's on trend - what's walking down the runways, what the Jenners and Hadids are wearing, what my fave bloggers can't stop buying. But there's being aware of trends, and then there's actually wearing them IRL. While one trend might be perfect on you, it might look ridiculous on me. And while I often find myself coveting that jacket, that Pantone colour or that cute handbag that everyone is after, I always have to ask myself: how is this going to work for me? Do I actually want to invite velvet into my life again? Can I actually tolerate a tiny little micro-tote? And, what am I going to do with my wallet (or really any of my things) now that I have one?

Luckily, trends are only really meant to be a guideline. Trends, it turns out, are as unique as you make them. And isn't that what makes fashion so amazing? I'm inspired every day when I see people put their own stylish spin on a piece everyone else is wearing in the exact same way. That's what makes fashion beautiful. And as One Direction once said, that's what makes you beautiful. I've learned so much from boy bands. 

Speaking of being YOU, I'm so inspired by the new BeYou initiative, a national cause marketing campaign created to increase self-esteem and empower 9 to 16 year-old girls across Canada. Check out the video at the bottom of this post and be sure to visit beyougirl.ca and #BeYouGirl to find out more. Such a good reminder of what's really important. Other than shoes, of course ;)

Happy Fri, lovelies! 

HOW TO MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU | If you're ready for a new fall jacket, the bomber is a perfect pick - it's cute, comfy and goes with everything from jeans to joggers to dresses. But while bright white might be perfect for a modern (and super tidy) fashion maven, you might be more comfortable in black or an army green. Some might like their bombers cropped, while others love them a little bit oversized. And this season, since bombers are everywhere, risk-takers can have fun with floral prints and polka dots and emoji patches (pre-done or DIY). One thing's for sure: when it comes to fall toppers, the bomber's the bomb. 

WE LOVE | Bomber Jacket with Snaps, $35, Dynamite

HOW TO MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU | If you're edgy in all the right ways, a statement black collar will show the world you have no fear. Consider yourself a free spirit? The tassel choker is festival and boho and totally beautiful. And if you're honest with yourself and just know chokers aren't your thing, try a black skinny scarf for a softer take on the trend. 

WE LOVE | Statement Collar, $15, ALDO; Tassel Choker, $18, ALDO; Skinny Floral Scarf, $16.90, Reitmans

HOW TO MAKE THEM WORK FOR YOU | Skinny or wide leg, petite or plus-sized, jeans are less about trends and more about how they make you feel. Oh and the fit. It's all about the fit. We're loving the new Reitmans sizing that offers jeans in sizes 24 to 36, plus great picks for petites, too. And since we're talking about trends, we're currently loving the new deconstructed denim like these cute Tomgirl jeans from AE. 

WE LOVE | Petite Sculpting Jegging, $64.90, Reitmans; Tomgirl Jean, $78, American Eagle

HOW TO MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU | If you love to get girly or just love the colour pink, you'll love all the pretty pink picks out there this season. Wear a flowy and flattering pink top to help your complexion glow (yes, even when your summer glow fades) or keep it subtle in some cute pink booties or a soft pink handbag (which look amazing to accent all black, btw).

WE LOVE | Long-Sleeve Fooler Top, $59.90, Reitmans; Pink Suede Ankle Boots, $130, ALDO


HOW TO MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU | Plaid is a particularly personal thing. Some women love their bright neon plaids, some like to keep it campy and classic, and others would never want to throw colour into their Insta feed, so it's naturally all about the black & white plaid. This ahhhhhmazingly soft boyfriend shirt comes in every colour so trendy or not, pick one that speaks to you. Then wear it with a corduroy skirt, with jeans, on the weekend with joggers, tied unexpectedly around the waist of your favourite dress, or with little shorts and cozy mocs for a night in with your date, Netflix. 

WE LOVE | Soft Plaid Boyfriend Shirt, $58, American Eagle

HOW TO MAKE THEM WORK FOR YOU | Okay, so stars weren't exactly a huge fall trend. But, when I see pieces like these that I like SO much, I'm calling it: trending. Keep it subtle by clipping star bag charms on to instantly update your basic black bag or, if you just can't help yourself, pick up this stunner of a crossbody. Obseeeeesssed. 

WE LOVE | Star Bag Charms, $18, ALDO; Star Crossbody, $39.99, Call It Spring

HOW TO MAKE THEM WORK FOR YOU | Drapey knits are everywhere right now and seriously, what's not to love? They're so soft and comfy and flow over all-a-y'all curves, plus they make you look like a style ninja. Pick a neutral - black, white or grey - then go for an extra-long knit. Love your arms? Go for a sleeveless tunic. Want an extra cozy layer under your wool winter coat? A maxi cardi will be your new bestie. 

WE LOVE | Willow & Thread Sleeveless Tunic, $74.90, Reitmans; Ribbed Maxi Cardigan, $59.95, Dynamite

HOW TO MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU | It's been all about gold for so long that silver lovers can finally celebrate again - silver is back for fall and we couldn't be happier about the switch. If you've gone gold and don't plan on coming back, try mixing a shorter silver necklace with your long gold pendant. Whether you opt for silver shades, shiny silver jewellery or something as subtle as the inside of a heel on your fall boots, silver will help you stay cool this fall, not that you need any help with that. 

WE LOVE | Quay Showtime Sunglasses, $109.99, Jean Machine; Metallic Heel Boots, $79.99, Call It Spring

HOW TO MAKE THEM WORK FOR YOU | Emoji patches, pins and charms are everywhere this fall so there's no shortage of ways to express your true feelings. But whether you're a mom whose done her fair share of responsible things or are having a tough time handling all those deadlines at work, don't you just love this hilarious little pouch? ALL the feels for this one. Not feeling it? Find a graphic tee (partying is my cardio anyone?), or a motivational journal that speaks to you. 

WE LOVE | Twig & Arrow Pouch, $16.90, Bootlegger

HOW TO MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU | There are athletes and then there are those of us who just like to dress like athletes. Sportwear is so ubiquitous now that we can all look super sporty, no athletic prowess required. I'm loving chic and streamlined sportswear this season - not because it's more aerodynamic but more because it looks so cute on. From a beyond basic crewneck to throwback Roots pants, downtime never looked so active. Want to bring the trend to work with you? A pair of structured joggers will be your new 9-to-5 faves.

WE LOVE | ONLY Asymmetrical Sweatshirt, $39.99, Jean Machine; Original Sweatpants, $74, Roots; Structured Jogging Pant with Knit Cuffs, $49.95, Dynamite

HOW TO MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU | We all have our own comfort levels when it comes to exposure. A cold shoulder top is perfectly flirty when worn with jeans while a black lace cocktail dress is decidedly sexy. Whether you go for a Victorian high-neck black blouse or go for a super short LBD for date night, wear what makes YOU feel amazing. 

WE LOVE | Kismet Clara Top, $39.90, Bootlegger; Lace Mock Neck Cocktail Dress, $169.95, Le Château

HOW TO MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU | If you're feeling serious black & white fatigue on social media, you're not alone. Okay fine, I wear black and white alll the time. But sometimes, you just have to bust out the colour, especially on those dull grey days that I predict in our collective Canadian future. A pair of fuchsia pumps or a perfect new red sweater might be all it takes to brighten your day. 

WE LOVE | Fuchsia Caged Pump, $59.99, Call It Spring; Open Back Dolman Sweater, $49.95, Dynamite


STYLE 101 | Our Top 50 BTS Picks for the Post-Secondary Set

via the ever-stunning Jessa Kae

Much like learning, personal style is a lifelong process. When you're really little, you wear what your mom tells you to wear. Because your mom is awesome. Um, awkward family photos: check. After years of obedient dressing you finally rebel, claiming that you will only (forever and ever) wear pink. Before too long, sweetness and sugary pink have morphed into 24/7 angst and head-to-toe-black. If you're a guy, you might trade your Star Wars tees for, um, bigger Star Wars tees to clearly express who you are as a person/Style Jedi. Fashion might just seem like colours and cloth. But as you begin to figure out who you are, your sense of style evolves with you. Instead of wearing the same uniform your friends are wearing (we've all been there), you learn to pick the clothes you love, in colours and silhouettes that make you feel confident, to tell the world what you're really all about. For now, anyway...

If you're going to a new school for the first time or heading back for another semester after a sweet summer off, it's fun to pick up some new clothes to start the year off right. On the road to discovering your own personal style, consider shopping an essential part of the learning process. Remember: this is how you justify buying new shoes :) Click on the thumbnails below to scroll through my Top 50 back to school picks for guys and girls. SO many great finds here, it makes me wish I was going back, too. Sigh...

Happy back to school!

Oh, while you're at New Sudbury Centre don't miss our Stay Frosh Sudbury Contest where you can take a pic with your school's mascot to prove which school is really #1: Laurentian, Cambrian or Boreal? 

See all the contest dets at stayfrosh.com and remember: the coveted Stay Frosh trophy is on the line...