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DAD FOR THE WIN | 40 Genius Father's Day Gifts

via Le Château

My dad was the best. He lived his life with heart and joy and boundless energy. He would strike up a conversation with anyone he met and they would inevitably leave feeling happier because my dad just had this way of making people feel special. And it was genuine. He loved people and he just loved life, embracing every invitation and adventure that came his way - and there were many. He told the funniest jokes, the most outlandish stories, made a mean drink, and cared so, so much about his 'girls'.

My dad is gone now and I miss him constantly. I was one of the lucky ones to have a truly great dad and his impact on my life was tremendous. Now that I have kids of my own, I get to see my husband be a great dad like my own dad was. He's funny and caring and patient and thoughtful. He goes away for work but you know that when he's away, all he wants to do is get back to his littles. My son looks like him and acts just like him too, which explains sooo much. Yup, turns out cuteness is a curse (You see, cute + charming means you can pretty much get away with everything because you have your mom wrapped around your adorable little finger. At least I'm aware of it, right? Hmm...better work on that...)

With Father's Day only a week away, I thought I'd do a little pre-shopping. After all, dads deserve a big hand for doing those extra little things that end up meaning the most. Scroll down for 40 fun father's day gifts to help you think outside the box of golf balls this time around. We love you dads!






FATHER'S DAY | 12 Last-Minute Gifts He'll Totally Love

How cute are they?! via Hello Fashion Blog on Instagram

While Father's Day only days away, many of us haven't even thought about what to get Dad this year. I mean, not me. Of course not me. I've totally thought about the day as in, 'omg, Father's Day's this weekend already? Seriously?!' Yup. 

If you currently find yourself in a similar sitch, check out this guide for some fun last-minute ideas so you don't waste a single precious moment searching. From cool clothes to caffeine, we've got you covered. Happy Father's Day!


PERFECT FOR | The guy who uses drugstore everything. 

WHY HE'LL LOVE IT | His go-to basics might get the job done but C.O. Bigelow always does it better. Whether these luxe grooming products stay in your ensuite or travel with him to the gym, his shower and shave routine just went next level. 

OUR PICK | C.O. Bigelow Must-Have's Gift Set, Bath & Body Works

PERFECT FOR | El Presidente

WHY HE'LL LOVE THEM | From sales rep to VP, every guy should walk into work feeling like a boss. These fine monkstraps will show his co-workers he means business in the best possible way. 

OUR PICK | Mr. B's Monkstrap Shoes, $225, ALDO

PERFECT FOR | The hockey fan 

WHY HE'LL LOVE IT | While we might have just lost a hockey legend, this book will let your fave hockey fan get up close and personal with the man everyone from Bobby Orr to Wayne Gretzky called 'the best ever'. 

OUR PICK | Mr. Hockey by Bobby Orr, $22, Coles

PERFECT FOR | The in-it-to-win-it dad.

WHY HE'LL LOVE IT | It doesn't matter if he's running an Iron Man or walking the mall, your competitive dad will love going higher, faster, stronger...um and 10,000 steps more than his buddy Greg did last week. Booyah. 

OUR PICK | FitBit Surge Wireless Activity Tracker, $299.99, The Source

PERFECT FOR | The self starter

WHY HE'LL LOVE IT | If your husband's in a start-up, self-employed or just likes to look cool at work, he's likely not going to get stoked about a basic briefcase. Give him a bag with personality - either a distressed leather bag or a modern black leather backpack - to help him carry all his essentials in style. 

OUR PICK | Original Tribe Leather Briefcase, $388, Roots

PERFECT FOR | The caffeine addict/The new dad

WHY HE'LL LOVE IT | He might make do with the drive-thru or just brew a basic cup to get his daily fix, but isn't it time Dad finally got the coffee he deserves? The Nespresso Vertuoline brews both short & long cups for the perfect espresso, latte, cappuccino or coffee every time, in flavours and intensities to suit every level of sleep deprivation. 

OUR PICK | Nespresso Vertuoline Coffee System with Aeroccino Frother, $224.99, Sears

PERFECT FOR | The music obsessed dad

WHY HE'LL LOVE IT | Whether you agree with his taste in tunes or not, every music-obsessed dad will love a portable Sonos speaker for everything from chilling with the fam after work to setting the mood at his famous backyard barbecues. 

OUR PICK | Sonos Play Compact Wireless Speaker, $249.99, The Source

PERFECT FOR | The super fit father

WHY HE'LL LOVE IT | From the trail to the treadmill, your husband loves taking care of his dad bod. Sure, he looks amazing no matter what old t-shirt he wears on that treadmill. He can do so many deadlifts that nobody cares about his shoes. But still, a hypercool tee and Nike Free's will make him look less like an amateur and more like an athlete. Looking good, as they say, is half the battle. 

OUR PICKS | Nike Pro Hypercool Tee, $55, Sport Chek; Nike Free Versatility Training Shoes, $129.99, Sport Chek

PERFECT FOR | The style setter

WHY HE'LL LOVE THEM | He appreciates the finer things in life, he loves good clothes, and no matter how old he is, he's always right on top of the trends. Surprise him with a proper pair of designer shades this Father's Day for a gift he'll appreciate on the daily. As for the brand? We only have one word: Prada. 

OUR PICK | Prada Linea Rossa Sunglasses, $290, Sunglass Hut

PERFECT FOR | The putterer

WHY HE'LL LOVE IT | From watering the lawn to trimming the hedges, great tools and gadgets are a must for the man who loves to escape, er, I mean, work outside. This pressure washer looks cool while putting out a stream of water powerful enough to make the other neighbourhood dads green with envy. 

OUR PICK | Earthwise 1500 PSI Electric Pressure Washer, $119.99, Sears

PERFECT FOR | The backyard lounger

WHY HE'LL LOVE IT | Every Instagrammer, from fashion bloggers to celebrities, understands that a pool party is not a pool party until it's filled with cool swan/donut/flamingo pool floaties. If your dad loves nothing more than to chill at the pool, beer in hand, then he needs a donut pool float. That's right - needs

OUR PICK | Giant Donut Pool Float, $26, American Eagle

PERFECT FOR | The man who always has to share everything

WHY HE'LL LOVE IT | He teaches his kids the importance of sharing and, since he's such a good dad, he always practices what he preaches by letting the kids use his iPad. Well, no more. Give him the gift of his very own iPad that will remain off-limits to everyone else in the house. No Angry Birds takeovers. No Minecraft meltdowns. Just his. Alllll his. 

OUR PICK | Apple iPad Air 2 in Gold, $479.99, The Source


Our Fail-Proof Father's Day Guide

Look familiar? One of the hilarious Baby Sleep Positions via HowToBeADad.com

It takes one to know one; and by that I mean parents. You know, those of us who nod at each other in the diaper aisle, bleary-eyed, stressed out, shaky from a month straight of 6 hours of sleep (total), at which point we resort to drinking massive jugs of black coffee, even though we swore we'd never touch the stuff. And don't even get me started on the colds, flus, foot & mouth and other random rashes we encounter on a weekly basis. 'Didn't your son have the flu a few weeks ago?' your boss will say skeptically. 'Yup, he did. But he has it again, only a totally rare, more horrendous version. What's that? Oh, yes, he got the flu shot. My kid was the one at the clinic wailing at the top of his lungs, flinging cotton balls at the nurses and then screaming some more when the volunteer had the gall to give him an Angry Birds sticker instead of an Angry Birds Starwars sticker. So yes, I am working from home today whilst changing bedsheets, eating peanut butter from a spoon and listening to the Frozen soundtrack on repeat. What's that you said about deadlines?'

Most dads today get this every bit as well as moms. I mean, I can't tell you how amazing my husband is at singing 'Let It Go' while simultaneously baking kale chips and responding to emails. The dads of today are modern day superheroes, able to leap tall Lego towers in a single bound and go where no other generation of dads has gone before. And by that I mean to playdates, bake sales and diaper drawers. It's a tough job, the very best job, and luckily, we have such amazing dads to tackle it with.

Looking for a thank-you for a parental job well done? We've rounded up our fav gifts for the dad in your life to help you get it just right this year. Happy Father's Day!


Drive Sweat Shorts, $55, Jack & Jones; Under Armour Duffel Bag, $60, Sportchek; Under Armour Captain America Tee, $40, Sportchek; Nike Free Running Shoes, $160, Sportchek; ORR: My Story, $32, Coles; Callaway Golf Balls, $40, Sportchek; C.O. Bigelow Hair & Body Wash, $10, Bath & Body Works.

Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch, $330, Future Shop; NHL 15 PS4, $70, Future Shop; Apple TV, $109.99, Future Shop; Parrot Drone Quadricopter, $269.99, The Source; PlayStation 4 Console, $450, Future Shop; Nixon the Blaster Speaker, $150, Boathouse; Suede Loafers, $110, ALDO.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses, $129.95, Sunglass Hut; Smooth Leather Briefcase, $229, Danier; Men's Italian Chukka Boot, $139.95, Le Château; Glass Square Cufflinks, $45, Le Château; Two-Tone Cotton Twill Blazer, $175, Le Château; Metal Fox Head Tie Clip, $22, Le Château; Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, $279.99, The Source.

GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition, $479.99, Sportchek; Canoe Dig It Tee, $32, Roots; Large Banff Bag, $398, Roots; Bell Super Bike Helmet, $149.99, Sportchek; Jamis Men's Trail Bike, $399.99, Sportchek; Baseball Cap, $18, American Eagle.

George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones Boxed Set Books, $100, Coles; Black & Decker Lithium Drill, $100, Walmart; Weber's Way to Grill, $15, Coles; Weber One-Touch Charcoal Grill, $129.99, Sears; Chillsner Beer Chiller, $35, Green Earth; VANS Striped Sneakers, $65, Boathouse.