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Sarah Francis is a fashion addict with a serious shoe fetish and a penchant for shiny things.  She's the Director of Real Life Runway and Official Stylist of Vaughan Mills. Her work has appeared in some of the country's top magazines, newspapers and TV shows.  Oh, and she loooves to shop. Obviously.


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A Little Mom Love




Whether you're 2 or 42, your mom will always be your mom.  You want to get her something personal, something to thank her for all those times she was there for you...and yet, year after year, it all goes back to chocolates and soap.  Not that there's anything wrong with that...

After I had kids, I realized that my mom changed a lot of diapers and I owed her BIG TIME.  So now on Mother's Day, even though she loves the card best of all, (and like any woman, can't live without chocolate and pretty soap), I also try to get her something just a little more personal. These finds will make your mom swoon; from little luxuries that she wouldn't normally buy herself, to stylish treats that she'll absolutely adore, to impressive presents that work perfectly for a group gift (or for the person who wins New Sudbury Centre's $10,000 UWinBig contest.  Here's your Bonus Code: YXQN.  Seamless segway, non?)

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.  Hope you take some time to really relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour this Sunday.  From one mom to another, I know just how much you deserve it!


First Scoop

Mulberry Spring 2012 Campaign - shot by Tim Walker

You know that feeling when you try something on and it just works? The fabric hugs you in all the right places, the colour brings you to life, and best of all, you got it on sale, with a friends & family discount and you STILL have enough money to buy shoes.  BOOYAH!   If this has happened to you, I'm here to make it happen more often.  And if it hasn't?  Not to fret, my soon-to-bloom flower, it will for you, too.  

The Fashion Scoop is here to bring you the absolute best of New Sudbury Centre.  I've scoured the racks and surfed the sites to find you the most covetable, most can't-pass-up-able finds that will put you right at the head of the fashion pack.  I'll share my tips on how to wear the latest trends and how to dress for your body so your shopping trips become much more satisfying.  I'll be your very own personal stylist as you navigate the stores and the season's latest scores so feel free to reach out and ask me anytime you have a may-jor fashion dilemma.  It's what I do..it's what I live for..Oh wait, that sounds very Little Mermaid...

Can't wait to bring you all the Fashion Scoop!

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