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Sarah Francis is a fashion addict with a serious shoe fetish and a penchant for shiny things.  She's the Director of Real Life Runway and Official Stylist of Vaughan Mills. Her work has appeared in some of the country's top magazines, newspapers and TV shows.  Oh, and she loooves to shop. Obviously.


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LOVE ON THE BRAIN | 18 Valentine's Gifts To Make Them Swoon

Pretty in pink Ray-Bans via Sunglass Hut

There's nothing better than love. Sigh...I mean, what's not to love about love? From new relationships to weathered, old ones - er, I mean, deep, lifelong, stuff-that-movies-are-made-of ones - Valentine's is about celebrating that most important 4 letter word. I'm talking about love. Love is patient, love is kind, and love demands presents from time to time. Or is it just me who demands them? Anyway, it's complicated. Let's let these sweet, swoon-worthy gifts do the talking for me today. Clearly, I'm so smitten that it's making my mind foggy. Hmmm...must be love on the brain...


WHY IT'S A WIN | Whether you're in a new relationship that calls for something sweet but not too personal, or you're looking for something little to give your fave tea-obsessee, this box of beautiful tea blends is sure to warm her heart. Like a box of chocolates, only way more 2017. 

WE LOVE | Box of Hearts Tea, $35, DAVIDsTEA

WHY IT'S A WIN | You met her on Tinder and your swiping days were officially done. This super cute tee will remind her of how you met while giving her wardrobe a fun little boost. 

WE LOVE | Don't Ask Why Graphic Tee, $20, American Eagle

WHY IT'S A WIN | Namast'ay the best gift-giver ever with these luxe yoga treats for your fave yogi. A beautiful S'well bottle and a cool reversible mat will make her think of you every time she downward dogs. 

WE LOVE | S'well Bikini Pink Water Bottle, $54.99, Jean Machine; Gaiam Reversible Yoga Mat, $34.99, Sears.

WHY IT'S A WIN | No woman can resist a perfect black bag, and we're particularly smitten with the luxurious woven leathers from Roots. To make it personal, clip a little red heart key ring to it to show your love. 

WE LOVE | Mini Woven Zoe Bag, $248, Roots; Red Heart Key Ring, $18, Roots

WHY IT'S A WIN | There's nothing more romantic than poetry but since most of us can't get far beyond 'roses are red', might as well leave it to pro, Pablo Neruda. Want bonus points? Pour a glass of wine, cuddle up by the fire, then read these sweet nothings to your muse. 

WE LOVE | Love Poems by Pablo Neruda, $15.95, Coles

WHY IT'S A WIN | They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but judging by the level of excitement my husband showed when I bought him a lithium ion drill last year, I'd say tools go straight to the heart, too. This Valentines red tool cabinet is a handy-man must and will make the perfect addition to his garage/man-cave this V-Day. 

WE LOVE | International Classic Series 6-Drawer Tool Cabinet, $199.99, Sears


WHY IT'S A WIN | The world is a pretty troubled place right now - I mean, it's enough to make the most optimistic among us get a little low. A pair of rose-coloured glasses serve two purposes: they're super on-point and will help her slay her OOTD's, plus they'll quite literally help brighten her view of the world. Win!

WE LOVE | Ray-Ban Flat Lens Pink Sunglasses, $235, Sunglass Hut; Quay Supergirl Sunglasses, $74.99, Jean Machine

WHY THEY'RE A WIN | It can be tough to shop for a trend-setter. After all, what do you get the girl who has everything? Valentine's is the perfect chance to embrace the theme - a pair of girlfriend jeans (these ones are embroidered with the word 'love' - I mean, come on!), or new red shoes will make her style-loving heart swoon. 

WE LOVE | Vintage Hi-Rise Jean, $92, American Eagle; Red Hi-Tops, $90, ALDOPatent Pointy-Toe Pump, $85, ALDO

WHY THEY'RE A WIN | When it comes to romantic gifts, nothing tops sparkly jewels. Whether you're on a budget (um, yup) or have loads of expendable income to spare (um, nope), pretty jewellery comes at every price. If you want to keep it affordable, go for something sweet and thoughtful like this stackable heart ring, and if you're ready to splurge, it's all about the diamonds, baby. 

WE LOVE | My One True Love Stackable Ring, $90, Pandora; Vera Wang Love Collection Rose Ring, $1699, Peoples 

WHY IT'S A WIN | This time is year is the perfect time for a little escape. Whisk your love away - to a local B&B or NYC, it doesn't matter where - and make it a surprise. Tell them what to pack inside their beautiful new luggage, arrange babysitters for the dog or the kids (or both) and then take off for a few nights of adventure. Sigh...is there anything better than that?

WE LOVE | Colorado Tribe Leather Bag, $378, Roots; Samsonite Hardside Luggage, $209.99, Bentley

WHY IT'S A WIN | If you're going to do a dinner date, might as well make the most of it. 11 of Greater Sudbury’s independently owned restaurants have teamed up for Localicious, letting you try out a new resto while giving back to the community. Localicious restaurants are offering a delicious prix fixe lunch and dinner menu, with monies raised donated to our local NEO Kids campaign. Grab your Valentine and head out for an early V-Day dinner since Localicious ends this weekend. Of course, once Localicious is over, a reso at your fave restaurant is always a surefire way to celebrate your love.

WE LOVE | A Localicious dinner for 2


JET SET | 40 Resort-Ready Picks to Help You Pack Like a Pro

#followmeto the Maldives via Murad Osmann Instagram

As if the dull, grey days of Jan aren't depressing enough, our generation has social media to make taking off that much more tempting. This time of year, Facebook pages get flooded with pics of braggy beach shots. Insta stories of your friends frolicking in the ocean seem designed to torture you while you're cooped up in your cubicle (see mine here - *sorry*) I mean, it's enough to make even the most live-in-the-moment among us want to grab a last-minute flight to somewhere. Anywhere. Like, I'd take a hut on the beach with no running water, as long as I had an ocean view and someone to make me mojitos. Who's with me?

Whether you've already booked your vacay or are currently contemplating one, I've done a little research to help you pack like a total pro. After all, shopping for cute hot weather gear in January (in Canada no less) can be a serious struggle. And as far as I'm concerned, it's all about making your getaway as challenge-free as possible. Um, unless the challenge involves mojitos, of course ;)

Stream some Bob Marley, imagine yourself on a white sand beach and dream a little while you check out these resort-ready finds. Sigh...I'm feeling sunnier already...


GET IT GIRL | Workout Gear That Might Actually Get Us to the Gym

via Reitmans

When it comes to getting healthy, it's not supposed to be about how you look, of course. But let's face it, as self-aware as I pretend to be, I'm not gonna lie - looking good is half the battle for me. I know that the real motivation for working out should always be about feelings - you know, feeling good and feeling healthy and feeling at one with my chakra. Except, I'm not sure what a chakra is. What I do know is that all of those things are super important but useless knowledge if I can't actually get myself to the G-Y-M.

I don't know about you but for me, it takes a few motivators to get me there, especially after a long and lazy couple of weeks (fine, months). And I'm not talking personal trainers. It's a new pair of cool kicks that I'll admire as I'm slogging it out on the stair machine. It's sports bras that stop the bounce and let me focus on all of those extra holiday calories I'm burning instead. It's about leggings that work with my curves and keep me sucked in to help me visualize how my thighs will look after hundreds of lunges. And sometimes, it's about things that bring joy during every tough workout - from a sleek S'well bottle to earphones that keep the good vibes going. So necessary. 

Scroll down for the cute new workout I'm loving right now and good luck, whatever your 2017 goals might be. You've got this. 

1. Adidas Two-Layer Tee, $59.99, Sport Chek; 2. Diadora Printed Mesh Tank, $39.99, Sport Chek; 3. Lole Women's Long Sleeve Top, $78.99, Sport Chek; 4. Nike Tech Fleece Jacket, $89.99, Champs; 5. Hyba Colourblock Long-Sleeve Tee, $49.99, Reitmans.

1. Deep V Sport Bra, $19.95, La Senza; 2. Nike Pro Indy Sports Bra, $55, Sport Chek; 3. Nike Pro Swoosh Bra, $29.99, Champs; 4. Nike Pro Swoosh Gold Bra, $24.99, Champs; 5. Nike Pro Padded Printed Bra, $29.99, Champs; 6. Adidas TechFit Sports Bra, $29.99, Champs

1. FitBit Alta Wristband, $169.99, The Source; 2. Hyba Duffle Bag, $45, Reitmans; 3. S'well White Gold Insulated Water Bottle, $64.99, Jean Machine; 4. PowerBeats3 Wireless Earphones, $229.99, The Source; 5. Hyba Contrasting Yoga Mat, $30, Reitmans; 6. Instance Painted Crew Socks, $24.99, Sport Chek

1. New Balance Run Premium Women's Tights, $99.99, Sport Chek; 2. Hyba Printed Fast Track Legging, $59.90, Reitmans; 3. Adidas Trefoil Floral Leggings, $34.99, Champs; 4. Nike Pro Warm Printed Tights, $68, Sport Chek; 5. Nike Power Legend Graphic Tights, $95, Sport Chek

1. Nike Air Max Thea Silver, $114.99, Champs; 2. Adidas Originals Tubular Defiant, $109.99, Champs; 3. Adidas Ultra Boost, $179.99, Champs; 4. Adidas Originals Tubular Shadow, $99.99, Champs; 5. New Balance Women's Training Shoes, $149.99, Sport Chek; 6. Nike Free Flyknit Training Shoes, $174.99, Sport Chek