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L.O.V.E. | 45 Gifts Your Valentine Will Love

via Framboise Fashion

When it comes to the big V-Day, we all have an opinion. You get the 'it all feels a little forced' group to the 'ooooh, but I looooove Valentine's' lovebirds (usually daters or newlyweds) and then of course, the all-out haters. Like, I have a friend who is happily married with kids but she just despises the day. But let me just say that if her husband hadn't bought her a package of Tide washing machine cleaner last Valentine's, she might not hate it so much. Even if it was a joke. Ahem. Not funny. 

I know a lot of men who just can't figure out what we want, and can you blame them? I mean, I can distinctly recall telling my husband one year that we were NOT under ANY circumstances buying each other gifts and then being distinctly disappointed when I didn't get anything. I didn't say that I didn't want a card? Or flowers? Or just a little gift? Something? Anything? I thought he understood the code.

So, if you're a girl whose significant is frequently lost, you can send them this little list as inspiration. If you're a guy who is fresh out of ideas, remember that something is always better than nothing - unless it has anything to do with laundry. And if you're flying solo and just feel like showing yourself some L.O.V.E. this Valentine's, nothing does it quite like shopping.

Sending you lots of love and sweet shopping vibes,


SHADES OF GREY | 3 Flirty Valentine's Weekend Looks

via Sincerely Jules

When someone says 'sexy', our minds inevitably turn to the obvious - you know, the cleavage-baring, curve-hugging, short little dress that Christian Grey would likely leave on the bed for Anastasia Steele. Oh my. But bombshell babedom isn't always the answer when going for jaw-dropping hotness. Turns out that leaving a little something to the imagination and going for the unexpected can often produce the sexiest results. We can all squeeze into something indecent (and I don't know many guys who'd complain), but this Valentine's weekend, I challenge you to slip into something more comfortable. No, seriously - I'm talking outfits that are not only comfortable and winter-friendly but subtly sexy, too. You'll be amazed by what a baseball cap, a slinky vest, and pair of strappy heels will do.

Whether you're hitting the hockey game, catching The Who's Tommy or dragging your guy to see Fifty Shades this weekend, get inspired by these perfectly flirty looks... 

1. NY Yankees Curved Baseball Cap, $27.99, LIDS or Sudbury Wolves Ball Cap, $34.99, LIDS | 2. Longer Legging, $24, Roots | 3. Plaid Blanket Scarf, $38, American Eagle | 4. Metallic-Trimmed Sneaker, $70, ALDO | 5. Fingerless Gloves, $12, Danier | 6. Annex Jacket, $110, Roots.

1. Leaf Ring, $7.90, Smart Set | 2. White Scoop Neck Tank, $14.90, Smart Set | 3. Sleeveless Knitted Cardigan, $49.90, Smart Set | 4. Cafe Woven Bag, $378, Roots | 5. Skinny Jean, $63, American Eagle | 6. Suede Pointy Toe Ankle Boot, $139.95, Le Château | 7. Wide Brim Fedora, $38, American Eagle.

1. Estée Lauder Pure Colour Nail Lacquer, $25, Sears | 2. Kismet Bahama Dress, $54.50, Bootlegger | 3. Matte Black Earrings, $12, ALDO | 4. Strappy Pumps, $70, ALDO | 5.  Teegan Lamb Leather Biker, $299, Danier | 6. Lancôme Hypnose Doll Lashes Mascara, $31.50, Sears.


Love Me, Love Me


Kiss by the Hotel de Ville - Robert Doisneau

There's no denying that true love is a beautiful thing, yet when it comes to the Hallmark holiday that surrounds it, there's just loads of romantic pressure.  Valentine's is almost here, but this year, instead of putting massive expectations on the day, I've decided to take a brand new approach - a more loving approach, if you will, just to see how it all plays out.  

Instead of imagining an over-the-top bouquet, I won't expect a single petal.  Rather than torture myself with Ryan Gosling movies where romantic gestures happen every Hollywood minute (see below for some of my cheesiest faves), I'll try to appreciate the little things my husband does for me every single day.  And instead of setting the romance bar higher on our Valentine's Day date, I'll treat it like any other, because with two kids, let's face it - every date is pretty special. 

All that said, if someone should happen to see this post and just so happens to WANT to get me a little something - I really like everything on this list.  How's that for taking the pressure off :)

Happy Valentine's loves - may Cupid strike you right where it really counts (in the heart I mean - geez...;)


Photo: Tiffany & Co.

1. Energetics Wave Print Yoga Mat, $19.99, SportChek; 2. Brush On Radiance, $22, The Body Shop; 3. Python Print Clutch, $59, Danier; 4. Kismet Jess Strapless Dress, $54.50, Bootlegger; 5. The Lolitta Parisian, $208, Roots; 6. Tory Burch TY6010 Aviator Shades, $200, Sunglass Hut; 7. 0.08 Carat Promise Ring, $169, Ben Moss Jewellers; 8. Otterbox Phone Case, Koodo Mobile; 9. Nike Air Pegasus Running Shoes, $129.99, SportChek; 10. Chamilia Charm Bracelet, Mappins Fine Jewellers; 11. Nixon Kensington Watch, $199.99, Boathouse

Girl holding balloons - photo by Jodi Miller Photography

1. Shawl Sweater, $49.57, American Eagle; 2. Oakley Fives Squared Sunglasses, $165, Sunglass Hut; 3. Microsoft Surface Tablet, $519.99, Future Shop; 4. Leather Messenger Bag, $250, ALDO; 5. Nixon The Rubber Player Watch, $199.99, Boathouse; 6. Wool Overcoat, $249, Danier; 7. Brogue Boots, $104.99, ALDO; 8. Glider Gloves, $19.99, Black's Photography; 9. Soft Cuff Toque, $20, Roots